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As a listed company with high responsibility , Si Chuan Mei Feng supplies high quality products and excellent service and sticks to pursuing concerted development of safety , environment , health and economy . The company develops the recycling economy , begins with clean production , and assures the safety and environment . Besides , the company becomes one of the first batch of “none-dirty water releasing enterprise” and is awarded “the example manufacturer for clean producing”. The company has also been selected to be one of the first batch of trying company for recycling economy .

Si Chuan Mei Feng always takes responsibility for “ to contribute the nation by property , to serve society and to make people happy ” and repays the society by a grateful heart . The company invested 4.2 million Yuan RMB to establish Si Chuan Mei Feng education fund in 2004 and support the poor students in countryside . The company invested more than 1 million Yuan RMB to set up five schools in the poor districts from 2004 to 2007 . Si Chuan Mei Feng plants trees , makes the mountains and land green and beautifies the environment in area of De Yang , Shui Ning and Mian Yang.The company squeezes out the fund to support national physical game.Furthermore , In The “5.12” heavy earthquake in Wen Chuan , Si Chuan Mei Feng put its heart with the fellows who suffered and donated the money and stuff which are worth more than 4 million RMB to support reconstruction in the disaster areas . Because of all these fantastic deeds , the company enjoys high evaluation and wide praise .


聯系電話:(+86)-0838-2232227  傳真號碼:(+86)-0838-2304222  

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